The Advocacy Marketing Group will help with your communication and marketing efforts through:


The Advocacy Marketing Group can help develop your annual communications and/or membership strategic plan. Working in consultation with key stakeholders in your organization, we can help develop message strategies, media and advertising plans, fundraising campaigns and increase your organization's ability to directly reach your targeted communities.



In addition to helping create your organization's strategic communications plan, the Advocacy Marketing Group offers a talented and hard-working team that can implement that plan. With years of experience in public and media relations, our team can handle your publications, news releases, electronic member communications and more. In addition to ongoing message development, we can also provide crisis communications management and support.



Advocacy Marketing Group can record and distribute your phone message to thousands of your members/supporters immediately, affordably and conveniently. Pre-recorded message are often used to invite people to an event or fundraiser; urge people to vote; ask supporters to contact their legislators before an important vote; remind members about an upcoming meeting; encourage donors to renew their membership or inform members about a special volunteer opportunity. With our system, recording a message is easy. The recordings are so clear that many people are surprised that they are pre-recorded.



Direct mail is a critical way to remain connected with present and potential investors, constituents, members and supporters. The Advocacy Marketing Group can write, edit and design annual direct mail programs, an individual solicitation mailing, special events invitations or a targeted public relations announcement that meet the specific needs and goals of your campaign, business or organization.



Most organizations and campaigns have a primary goal of increasing their membership, donor lists or customer bases. We are experienced at integrating direct mail campaigns, canvassing efforts, renewal programs and phone message services. The Advocacy Marketing Group will work with you to set achievable membership and/or customer goals and aid you in developing programs that will make those goals a reality



Many organizations have database systems that need improvement and maintenance plans. The Advocacy Marketing Group can help update and clean your existing database. We can consolidate your lists and help convert e-mail lists to direct address lists. We will work with you to obtain more complete information on your supporters such as new addresses, phone numbers and e-mails so you are better able to stay in contact with your members and supporters.

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